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We work hard to get our converters everywhere.

Working and setting up locations 54 time is definitely no walk in the park, if it helps our customers it is worth it. The reason we have so many locations is we want to make sure the converter gets delivered the best way possible. This is important not to cut corners to avoid roughing up converters or degrading your product. We go the extra mile so you dont have to.


We only use the best equipment.

We are not afraid to build or buy special machines if we need to.

Being flexible in the plant is something we are proud of. We are constantly testing new materials to see if something can be machined to a better quality. The quantity of torque converters we make also helps with figuring out where the rebuild process has weaknesses. Experience in the office and on the machines really is what makes our product shine!


We are data and math nerds!

Using math and data we will figure out the solution for you.

When designing torque converters its very important to know and practice the theory behind how they work. Years and Years of experience build this knowledge into creating a spinning master piece that destroys our competition. We are proud of our torque converter testing line that will identify every rare flaw and allow us to perfect the product.


Our Customer Service Family

Between Sales and Our Customer Service Representatives you will meet someone awesome!

We hire some of the nicest most amazing people to answer our phones. When starting the company someone must of wished upon a star, that would explain how we got such an awesome team of individuals that work at precision. Our hard working dedicated team will assist you with figuring out what products you need, to make the process as painless as possible. We would love to take your call, give us a shot!

Need more reasons? Listen to these guys:

A&F Transmission

Owner: Allen S. - Gonzales, TX

"I just wanted to tell you and everyone that we LOVE your product and will not buy any other brand of converter. I will wait DAYS for your converter over putting in any other brand. Before using Precision converters I was having 1 out of the 10 jobs that were coming back. Once switching to Precision and adding a Hot Flush machine I have had 1 and that is since November of 2012. The first time I used the Hot Flush machine, it 'made a believer out of me.'

The ONE time we had an issue w/ a converter I was so impressed with the customer service I received when dealing with the issue as well as how quickly we got the replacement.

I recommend Precision of New Hampton converters to everyone and anyone. I love your product and my life has got a lot easier using your converters"

Brown's Auto Service, Inc.

General Manager: Gordon Tryan - Billings, MT

"I know you don't get this very often but I just wanted to take the time to let you know that you have one very happy customer in Brown's Auto Service, Inc. Milt Freese and the rest of your crew do an excellent job of making sure of that. We have been using your converters now for almost 14 years. Over the last 48 years of rebuilding transmissions we have used many different converter manufacturers. Never before have we used one for 14 years. In an industry where the converter is blamed for more than its share of problems, you have listened to our issues and helped us to resolve them in very positive ways.

Our goal is not to become a transmission company that sells the most units, has the most builders, or even one that has the lowest price. We would rather be known as a company that sells high quality products and services. To achieve these goals, we have had to form strategic business alliances with vendors such as yourself to assure that our customers are getting the highest quality product available.

Our philosophy is different from many in our industry in that we believe that price is not the most important factor in the selling of our repair services or our transmissions. Our business philosophy focuses on four main areas - CRAFTSMANSHIP, PARTS, SERVICE, & LOYALTY. To be able to live up to this business philosophy we live and die based on the relationships we develop with companies like yours. Needless to say because of the strategic business alliance we have with Precision, our company has been doing extremely well.

Over the last ten years most companies in our industry have merged, gone out of business, or just simply disappeared. It is very reassuring to know that Precision of New Hampton has been there for our company and will continue to be there tomorrow. Once again thank you for the great service that your company provides our company."

D and E Automotive Products

Manager: Craig Budzinski - Toledo/Holland, OH

"I've been in the automotive industry for 20 + years. Seen a lot of companies come and go, even worked for a few of them. To do business with a company that stands behind their products is reassuring to us as a supplier and is the best insurance any shop could ever ask for.

We've HAD other converter suppliers, that's past tense for a reason. When I ask my customer if they would rather wait for a Precision if I do not have it in stock, most prefer to do so. Their ability to get me next day service helps keep my inventory from growing on hand to find units, the quality second to none.

I used to have two bins before, one for cores, one for defects. Not any more, my customers see the quality they know we stand behind what we sell and so does our supplier. Tech bulletins, tech service, and a quality product that has helped reduce our warranties to virtually none. Price is only an issue to someone who can afford to do it more than once.

The bitterness of poor quality persists long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. That's how you determine value."

Eastside Transmission Service, Inc.

Owner: Randy Schepp - Madison, WI

"As a shop owner of 18 years, my business has counted on Precision to supply torque converters for 17 of those years. I highly recommend Precision to people looking for quality torque converters and exceptional customer service.

Hi-Tech Transmissions Inc.

Owner: Kam Kekich - Sheridan, WY

"I've been using your converters for 9 years. Thanks for the quality work and craftsmanship you put in your converters. Whether it's an RV, passenger car or a race car converter, you can count on it to be perfect. You have always been able to answer any technical questions I may have, or give me the right advice for the job. Again, thanks for making my job easier and keep up the good work."

Jennings Transmission Service, Inc.

Shane Smith - Goldsboro, NC

"For any shop considering making the change from their current supplier to Precision torque converters, I strongly recommend sooner than later. Although I don't know what my warranty ratio was specifically BEFORE Precision, it was bad! I had too many returns and all it did was cost me money. Warranties and returns make us look bad and quality is a high priority in this shop. My warranty ratio with Precision is 0.61% and my shop runs an average of 250 units through a month. Needless to say, I am very pleased. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to start buying all of my converters from them at once instead of moving in gradually."

Jerry's Transmission Service

Paul R. Dostie & Brian B. Dostie - Guilford, CT

"Since we have been using your converters, we have less than a 1% return on over 1,100 units used in the last two years. Of the 1% that we returned, some of them were not torque converter failure but you kindly replaced them for us without any conflict. We have been extremely pleased with the quality of your product because it directly affects our quality. We have been in business for over 43 years in one location, so quality is very important to us. We give a one-year unlimited mileage warranty with each unit and your product has met our demands.Due to the fact that we are located on the east coast and you are in the mid-west, it is important to us that we receive our converters in a short time frame. You have been extremely accommodating to us in regards to your prompt delivery service. Thanks again and we will continue to use your excellent product."

JR's Quality Transmissions

Junior - Carencro, LA

"Since switching to Precision fo New Hampton torque converters over 10 years ago we have been 100% satisfied not only with the products but with the customer service as well. Now our combacks are virtually non existant and a large part of that eason is Precision torque converters."

KNC Trans Parts Co.

Owner: Sam Hall - Cookeville, TN

"Before starting my own business, I spent the last 29 years working for the world's largest high volume torque converter rebuilder in the industry. For 22 years, I was the Eastern Divisional Sales Manager overseeing 26 sales staff. I left that position for several reasons; one of them being the decline in the quality of Product I sold.

Precision of New Hampton owners, Dennis & Leslie Hansen, as well as all of their employees, are committed to producing a high quality torque converter. Precision has the most knowledgeable sales and customer service staff in the industry. My company has sold over 8,000 Precision converters during the past ten months. We are happy to say that our warranty rate is wonderful. It is a pleasure for me to go into my customer's transmission shops and find happy owners, builders, and R & R staff. They are happy because of the high quality of Precision converters. High volume torque converter rebuilders today use 1970 to 1980 technology. Over the past decade, Dennis has had the foresight to position his company, Precision of New Hampton, into the mainstream of the 21st century with a high quality product. Precision of New Hampton, without a doubt, is the best out there."

Livengood Trans

Owner: Mike Livengood - Union, MO

"I have been doing business with Precision Converters for over 17 years and that is because of the quality product and service that they provide. I also don't have to worry about comebacks. If there is ever a problem, Precision will back their product 100%.

I had used several converter companies in the past before I switched to Precision. The more that those other companies grew, the less quality they had to offer. That is not the case with Precision. They focus on QUALITY even as their company continues to grow. That is why I use Precision Converters!

I also receive 1 day shipping from a local warehouse which is very convenient for me and it helps to keep my inventory costs down. The converters that I do keep in stock are delivered to me every 3 weeks by the Precision truck at no cost to me. Now THAT is service.

Everyone at Precision is very friendly and helpful. When I have a question, they have the answer for me. Precision knows their converters.

I am very pleased with Precision. They are the only converter source for my shop."

Pioneer Park Transmissions

Owner: John Skender - Peoria, IL

"Since we switched to Precision converters, our comebacks have virtually disappeared. We are able to give a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty on our rebuilds because of our workmanship and confidence we put into the highest quality parts that are available to us. That's the reason we use Precision.

The sales staff at Precision are really easy to talk to and very helpful. They always have answers to my questions. Other converter companies that I had used are not only inconsistent with part numbers and information but truly pale in comparison when put against Precision in overall service."

Plano Transmission

Owner: Jeff McLeod - Plano, TX

"When salesmen come in trying to sell me their brand of torque converters, I just tell them I use Precision of New Hampton, Inc. torque converters. The conversation usually ends there with them saying 'they just can't compete' with Precision of New Hampton, Inc. Hands down, you are the best torque converter company we have ever used. You care about your product and your customers."

Snider Trans of Texas City

Owner: Greg Snider - Texas City, TX

"We have tried many other Torque Converter Companies in the past before using Precision Torque Converters. We even have access to a company that will deliver torque converters to my door within hours of placing an order. I would rather wait until the next day and get a Precision Torque Converter. Noticing the drastic change in comebacks is the main reason I only use Precision Torque Converters. Having virtually no comebacks means a lot to me as well as to my customers."


President: Chris Gerber - Missoula, MT

"A quality-built transmission performs only as exceptionally as the torque converter. No matter how superior the workmanship a technician builds into a custom-built transmission, a poor quality torque converter can spoil the works. That is why we at Transolution started using Precision of New Hampton Converter products. We discovered the quality of Precision Converter products back in 2002 after having some costly and embarrassing comebacks due to faulty torque converters manufactured by another company.

What a relief it has been not to experience the hassles of converter failures and comebacks. Precision of New Hampton Converters not only complements the high quality workmanship of our custom-built transmission, but the price is right too, a savings we are please to pass on to our customers."

Booker Trans, Inc.

Kevin Booker - Enid, OK

"The fact that I do not have any problems with Precision of New Hampton, Inc. torque converters and I get free delivery right to my front door is great. I've dealt with a couple of other torque converter companies and they couldn't keep my business supplied with what I needed.

Twenty-five years being in business I like the consistent quality of torque converters Precision of New Hampton, Inc. has to offer along with the consistency on keeping me supplied with what I need.

I feel very confident when I call Precision of New Hampton, Inc. with any questions. They definitely know their product and can assist you with any questions you might have."

Bozeman Transmission Center, Inc.

Owner: Kevin R. Kunze - Bozeman, MT

"As many of you know and have experienced, problems with torque converters can be frustrating and costly in more ways than just the money side of it. We, as shop owners, get to deal with that customer face to face, or worse yet the customer who has left your area and is now broke down. Not to mention down time, a bind in your shop's work flow and everything that goes with a converter failure. I have owned B.T.C for 20 years with 30 years in the business. Since I have started using Precision Torque Converters almost 10 years ago, my torque converter problems have dropped dramaticly.

What I like besides the service and quality is the fact they are constantly improving their product line. They genuinely care about their customers. With A.T.R.A.'s new and longer warranty program I feel completely at ease installing Precision Converters in our units. Simply put, you couldn't offer me enough money to change supplier's.

After 30 years in this business, I know what works and what does not, and Precision Torque Converters work."

Rod's Transmission Services, Inc.

Owner: Rod Cayko - Coeur d' Alene, ID

"Out of desperation and frustration with the torque converter supplier we were using, I found myself actually researching fixes to THEIR problems, which had become ours. I then toured numerous converter plants all over the US and even into Mexico in an attempt to find someone that could give me confidence in their product. After finding Precision thru research and referrals from trusted colleagues, we gave Precision a try. It has now been over five years and I can honestly say I no longer worry about "IF" a torque converter will function as expected. They have sincerely earned my confidence and trust! No torque converter worries is truly a wonderful thing!"

A-1 Trans Specialists

Owner: Ed Doyle - Kerrville, TX

"The best decision I've made for my business happened two years ago. I switched to Precision Torque Converters. The second best decision I made was to purchase the Hot Flush Cooler Flushing Machine, which is another quality product that Precision of New Hampton has to offer. I've used, as well, sold a couple hundred of Precision Torque Converters in those two years and have had only one comeback. These two items, along with a quality builder, are the profit center of my business.

Thank you Precision and Hot Flush for making my life easier."

AAMCO - Lakewood

Steve - Lakewood, CO

"Very personable and efficient staff and service."

AAMCO of Pueblo

Owners: Richard Paul & Sanford Glatzel - Pueblo, CO

"We have been using Precision of New Hampton's torque converters for sometime now. We are completely satisfied with the product they produce. Whenever we need assistance, the customer service we receive from the entire staff is EXCELLENT. Deciding to use Precision torque converters has been a Great move for our business. The quality is excellent, which has helped reduce our comeback problems."

AAMCO Transmission of Rapid City

Owner: Wayne Kummer - Rapid City, SD

"We have been using Precision torque converters since January 1994, and in that time, we have experienced great customer service along with a high-quality converter. Precision stands by their product and so do we. When we have encountered any problems, due to converter related comebacks, and there have only been a few, Precision has always dealt with the issue head on. Communication is the key!"

AAMCO Transmissions - Houston

Owner: Chuck Stansy - Houston, TX

"I have been a loyal and enthusiastic Precision customer for six years. I have found that there is a respect given to their customers that is unparalelled by other torque converter companies but also other suppliers in general. All levels of support at Precision, technical and administrative, are accessible and friendly. On the rare occasion that I have a converter that needs to be warrantied, I can depend on them to relay cut and call information on the warranty item. I rely on Precision so much that when my local warehouse was closing, I became the warehouse for my area to ensure that the product was available to me."

AAMCO Transmissions @ Fayetteville

Center Manager: Rick Carlsen - Fayetteville, AR

"I started using Precision torque converters 12 years ago as a "fill-in" to my then-current supplier. It didn't take long to see who had the superior product. I have been using Precision ever since.

Quality product, friendly and knowledgeable staff, fast and dependable shipments, and all at a competetive price. What more can you expect or need from a supplier? Our local business and reputation to provide our customers with a top quality rebuilt transmission relies on all the parts we use, and Precision converters are an integral part of that process."

AAMCO Transmissions of Jackson

President: Mack Lowery - Jackson, MS

"I wanted to take a few minutes to express to your Company the appreciation we have for you and your high quality converters.

We switched converter manufacturers to Precision of New Hampton around the first of the year. We felt that we were having too many problems with our previous Converter Company and decided to try someone else. Since that time we have been more than pleased with your company. You and your staff are always pleasant, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. Ordering every three weeks is quick and easy. The route truck comes with our order packaged on a pallet, collects our cores, checks the invoices with us, and he is gone. Whenever I have a question about application, or another technical question, it is answered quickly and knowledgeably. However, the best part is the quality of the converters. Since the first of this year I cannot say that I have had a single converter failure. The three or four converters I have returned to Precision were quickly inspected, reported back to me, and warranted, even though the problems did not appear to be from converter failure.

We are COMPLETELY satisfied with Precision converters, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any transmission shop who is interested in a converter built with the Highest Standards in the Industry."

American Trans

Owner: Robbie Robinson - Hobbs, NM

"The person that owned this shop prior to myself, had equipment to rebuild his own torque converters. When he decided to sell his equipment to a different company he felt obligated to do business with them. Following in his steps, I dealt with this company. We had nothing but problems. My comeback rate was out of control. I never knew if the unit would arrive in one day or in three days. The freight prices were also an issue.

A lot of the same employees that worked for the previous owner stayed on when I took over the business. They mentioned that many years ago they had been using Precision Torque Converters and had virtually no problems with them. I decided to give them a call. Heather helped me get started and learn some of their converter numbers. Since using Precision Torque Converters, I have had fewer comebacks and I know when I place an order, I will receive it in the time I was promised. You know up front what you will be paying and their prices are reasonable. I am more confident in my work because I know I am installing the highest quality of torque converter on the market. I would recommend Precision Torque Converters to anyone. It was the smartest move I could have made. Thank you Precision.

American Transmissions

Owner: Craig Roberts - Richland, WA

"I opened my shop in November of 2001. During the first month of business I was using torque converters from a local supplier. Unfortunately, we immediately started having problems with converter failure. This was an enormous problem, as it would hurt business at my newly opened shop.

I had used a Precision converter in the past and had positive results. Because of this, I made the decision to call Precision in December of 2001. Since, I have had great success with Precision torque converters. If there has ever been a problem or defect, Precision took care of it right away. They would inspect the converter and then call me and let me know exactly what the problem was.

I would recommend Precision as a supplier of torque converters to someone who is looking for a supplier, or to someone who is currently having problems with another supplier."

Anderson Transmission

Owner: Lynn Anderson - Grandview, MO

"First of all, it is a great pleasure talking to each and every one of you.

I have used other brands of converters in the past and, as always, I had nothing but problems with them. I was always disappointed. I made the switch to Precision converters over 10 years ago and I would NEVER use anything else. When you use a Precision converter, you have no worries about comebacks.

I highly recommend Precision Converters. They are the only way to go! You will have NO REGRETS with Precision."


Asapp Transmission

Owner: Stan Reed - Damascus, AR

"Hello Precision Crew!

I thought you should know, after over five years of using your torque converters I am still very pleased with your quality. After 41-years in the transmission repair industry I can honestly say you guys (and gals) have produced the best converters out of all the many companies I've ever dealt with!

I really appreciate your consistent accuracy and I'm not having to R & R six or ten converters per month because they vibrate! I could go on and on, but let me just give you the short blow truth: 'you're the best I have found yet!' Thank you so much for taking pride and making sure quality is your priority.

May God Bless you richly."

Automotive Transmissions and Driveline

Owner: Roman Blonigen - St. Cloud, MN

"Roman at Automotive Transmission and Driveline in St. Cloud, Minnesota has been doing business with Precision of New Hampton since he opened his business 2 1/2 years ago. He says, "I model my transmission shop after Precision. Quality at a fair price and treat customers with respect." When discussing the quality of Precision's torque converters, Roman said that the quality is very good. "I have very few problems with Precision torque converters. I am happy to have a quality supplier. The Precision staff is very courteous, knowledgeable, helpful, and fair." Roman says, "If you want to deal with a good, fair company, buy Precision torque converters."

Best Western Transmission

Owner: Russ Flowers - Colorado Springs, CO

"I am the owner of three transmission shops and have been in the transmission business since 1975. During the last 28 years, I have never used a better torque converter than what Precision of New Hampton, Inc. builds. I used to have an average of three torque converter related comebacks per month between my three stores. Since switching to Precision, I MAY have had three comebacks per year between my shops! That is a dramatic change! Cost is simply not an issue when it comes to using quality parts. Needless to say, I could have saved a lot of money and headaches if I would have switched to Precision a long time ago. Don't be as stubborn as I was, make the switch to Precision, you won't regret it.

Butch's Trans

Rebecca Charles - Dallas, TX

"We purchase our torque converters from Precision of New Hampton, Inc. out of their Dallas warehouse. We like that we can call the warehouse with an application and know they'll get us the correct converter. The service, the prompt deliveries along with our low comeback ratio is why we continue to be satisfied customers."

Cats Transmission

Owner: Phil Corbin - Farmington, NM

"When you run a quality business you only want to use quality products. That is the reason that I use Precision Torque Converters. The knowledge and friendliness of their tech support team and customer service staff is second to none. What sets Precision Torque Converters apart from everyone else is the high quality of their product.

I am very pleased to tell people that I use Precision Torque Converters.

Cody's Auto and Transmissions

Owner: Cody - Temple, TX

"Precision converters are used in our shop because of the quality, performance, and reliability. Customer service is always friendly and courteous when they call us for our truck orders."

Columbus Transmission

Owner: Jeff Hoy - Columbus, TX

"I am writing to you today to make a statement on behalf of your brand of torque converters. I have been in business for nine years. I had previously used several different brands of torque converters and experienced continuous problems with all of them. I started using your converters two years ago and I have been more than pleased with the results. We offer a 12-month/12,000 mile warranty on the rebuilds done at our shop. The torque converters we were using before would not always hold up for that period of time. Precision torque converters are the only converters that I will use in our transmission rebuilds. I also recommend ordering your welded converters. We have found that it is well worth the extra investment.

Precision of New Hampton also has excellent quality control, which is why they have the best torque converter available on today's market. I will continue to use them without hesitation. I will be more than happy to speak with any of Precision's customers so I can tell them about the quality construction and performance of their torque converters."


Cottman Trans

Owner: Tony Defoyd - Austin, TX

"Since I switched to Precision, I have eliminated my torque converter comebacks. Precision has a knowledgeable tech staff & excellent customer service."

D and E Automotive Products, Inc.

Amy Tenebaum - Taylor, MI

"D & E Automotive Products, Inc. prides itself for supplying the transmission repair industry with exceptional quality products. In keeping with this philosophy, we have recommended and sold Precision of New Hampton converters for almost three years. The quality standards are exceptional and the comebacks are negligible.

We believe in this product, the detailed manufacturing process, and the knowledgeable and competent staff at Precision of New Hampton, Inc. We are proud to recommend this product to anyone looking for exceptional quality torque converters."

D and E Grandville

Sales: Max Gamble - Grandville, MI

"As a distributor of Precision Torque Converters we are confident in selling the best QUALITY torque converter on the market.

Working with the Precision team has been fulfilling in knowing this company stands behind its torque converters. Our real joy is selling a torque converter that meets the customers need. It may be furnaced brazed, R.V., High performance or burnished Allison hub. Precision quality converters will fulfill your need for today and in the future.

Dakota Clutch

Owner: Tim Nelson - Watertown, SD

"Nelson Power Trans has been in business for 18 years. After hearing about Precision of New Hampton through another tranny shop, I began using Precision torque converters. I have been using Precision for 10 years as I feel the quality of the torque converters is good. Precision takes care of any problems, gives help, and works through ANY situation other than just drop the ball. I like the staff. They are always friendly and easy to work with."

Dale Wampler

Owner: Dale Wampler - Walters, OK

"Durable and dependable are two words I use when describing Precision of New Hampton torque converters. I have been in business since 1977 and have used a few different companies to supply my torque converters. Worried by a high percentage of converter comebacks, I switched to Precision of New Hampton, Inc. torque converters. I've been buying them for approximately 8 years now and I just don't worry anymore. You make a great product."

Farnam's Genuine Parts, Inc.

Manager: Brian Pedersen - Huron, SD

"The Farnam's stores have been purchasing converters from Precision since 1990. We have found their converters to be equally as good or better than the originals. Precision people are very willing to help solve any problems. It is a pleasure to do business with them!"

Flathead Transmission Specialists

Owner: Todd Napier - Kalispell, MT

"We are pleased to use Precision's torque converters in our customer's vehicles. Precision's customer service is great. We know we are using the best product available. Being a 20 year rebuilder member of the ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, I expecially enjoyed seeing that my supplier was supporting the ATRA with technical information and photos, pertaing to torque converters, in our latest technical seminar's manual. It shows a good team effort from all of us to give our customers the best."

Frame Garage

Owner: Gerald Frame - Whitewood, SD

"I have been in the transmission repair business since 1973, this location since 1980. I got rebuilt converters from 3 suppliers in Denver during the 1980's, and had a high percentage of warranties or 'never installed.'

Since 1990, Precision Torque Converters have been far superior in quality. On the few occasions when warranty was required - no problem. My shop uses about 25 units a month with free truck delivery every 3 weeks. One phone call to the Precision tech team will answer any questions on application, stall speed, or what is available for these pickups with cranked up horsepower.


Johnson Trans

Owner: Steve Johnson - Cleburne, TX

"I'm the second-generation owner of our family business and still continue to use Precision of New Hampton, Inc. torque converters. I'm very happy with their quality of product as well as the service we receive. Our comeback ratio is 1.84%. I feel very confident when I install a Precision of New Hampton, Inc. torque converter."

L and S Service, Inc.

Owner: Lane Floria - Delton, MI

"We started using Precision of New Hampton torque converters at L & S Service about four years ago. Prior to that time, due to quality concerns with aftermarket rebuilt converters, we bought mainly from OEM. When we started having problems with both Ford and Chrysler OEM converters, we decided to give the aftermarket a try again. Precision was the company we chose. We have not regretted that decision.

Also, I would like to personally thank the employees at Precision for being tremendously courteous, as well as knowledgeable. It is refreshing to know that one will always get an honest answer to whatever question is asked."

Liberty Transmission Parts

Owner: David Neal - Oklahoma City, OK

"During the last 15 years I have sold more than 50,000 Precision torque converters and my warranty rate is less than 1%! I would recommend Precision to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Do your shop and customers a favor, use Precision, you won't be disappointed."

Lindsay Transmission

Kit Lindsay - Warrensburg, MO

"I own a medium size shop in Warrensburg Missouri, and we overhaul anywhere from five to ten transmissions a week. We use to use a nationally known brand of converters but started noticing a high comeback rate due to converter failure. This included shuddering, leaking and all-out failure of the units. We discussed this with other shops and when we told them what brand of converters we were using, they laughed at us and told us to switch to Precision of New Hampton converters. That was over 4 years ago. Since then, we have had only two failures that were blamed on the torque converter. THIS IS AMAZING!! We are so happy that we switched brands that we are telling everybody about Precision torque converters. We stock most of the converters we ever need, and sell them to competing shops as well. We can't say enough good things about the people at Precision or their torque converters."

Long's Transmission

Owner: Ronald Long - Owosso, MI

"Thank you Precision for building the highest quality converters I've ever seen. Nothing is more frustrating then to build a quality transmission only to have it ruined by a poor quality converter. Since switching to Precision, converter issues are a thing of the past. What this has done for productivity, and profitability… WOW! Throw in a friendly, knowledgeable sales staff, prompt courteous tech support, and it's a win win situation.

Thank you Precision!"

Loveland's Transmissions

Manager: Ben Haines - Springfield, MO

"We here at Loveland's Transmissions take pride in our commetment to quality in every job we do. We are pleased to have found a company like Precision that shares our same views on quality, and customer satisfaction. We have tried several other companies in our forty years of business, but have found none with so few comebacks. Anytime that we have had a warranty claim on a converter Precision has always backed their product. For our customers only the best will do, and that is why we only use Precision Torque Converters.

Thanks for the wonderful service."

Morris Transmission

Morris Lamana - Baton Rouge, LA

"After hearing MANY positive things about Precision, I decided to try their torque converters. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain if they were as good as everyone told me. Since trying Precision, my warranty rate has gone down to less than 1% overall. All I can say is I am VERY happy I switched.

Give them a try. You won't be disappointed."

Mr. Transmission

Micheal W. Richardson - Oreana, IL

"Precision Torque Converters of New Hampton, Iowa has given me quality torque converters for many years. Their service is excellent. Also their Hot Flush machine is a great product. I would highly recommend this company and their products. They are very reliable.

Connie, my personal sales associate, has always provided the services that our business needs in a timely manner.

Again, we appreciate you company, products and the reliable service provided any time we call."

Nannemann Brothers Auto.

Owners: Lyle & Gayle Nannemann - Gillette, WY

"During the last 10 years of using Precision converters we have had little or no converter problems. The service from Precision has been excellent and when there has been a warranty problem, it was handled promptly and professionally. The quality of Precision converters is excellent."

National Auto Trans

Owner: Glenn Brewer - Abilene, TX

"I have been extremely happy since I started using Precision Torque Converters. Switching has eliminated all kinds of comeback problems. I like the fact that I can order what I need for each and every application as Precision offers different variations. Superior Product, Great Service--- No Complaints. I recommend Precision Torque Converters to anyone that wants a high quality product."

Olathe Clutch and Trans, Inc.

Owner: Jerry Ewy - Olathe, KS

"We have been with Precision converters for several years now and since then our come backs have been greatly reduced. Precision has the highest quality converter in the industry and we are happy to say how very satisfied we are with your product.

Osborn Automotive

Owner: Jerry Osborn - Osborn, MO

"Quality!! That is why my shop uses Precision converters. Precision provides the highest quality converter in the market and that is very important in my shop. Precision provides with everything that we need. They also have the best customer service and technical support.

If you want the best in quality for a converter, you need to make the switch to Precision.

Palestine Transmission Service

Owner - Operator: David Parker, Jr. - Palestine, TX

"I have been a transmission shop owner for over 24 years. The first 5 years we were plagued with torque converter problems. It seemed every time I looked up, my R & R guys were pulling a unit back out because of a whine, vibration, leak, shudder or something. The transmission repair was great, but the converter was defective.

We replace each converter on every job in our shop. The brand we were using made it hard for me to have any confidence in our work. The labor on pulling those units back out was enormous. It had gotten to the point that we wouldn't use our stock of converters on frontwheel drive and rearwheel drive vehicles simply because of the fear of having to pull them back out for another converter problem. We would special order a Precision Converter for these units, and had great success. This went on for about a year, and one day it hit me: 'If we could change converter companies and use a Precision converter on all our jobs, we could have great success on all our jobs.'

Looking back now, the only reason we didn't change immediately is because I don't like change. I like to deal with the same people on parts, utilities, insurance, banks, etc. I guess I'm just a creature of habit. But it was time for a change. We phoned up our original converter supplier and had them come and pick up our stock of converters (approx 100). We started using Precision converters exclusively on every job and at present we stock 231 torque converters.

Thanks Precision, for your product."

Peacock Transmission

Owner: Jeff Peacock - Cleburn, TX

"Several years ago I started working for my dad at Peacock Transmission. I can remember all of the problems we had with rebuilt torque converters from many different companies. I would have almost rather put the old converter back in the unit instead of a rebuilt one. I don't remember when we started buying Precision converters, but I do remember that our problem was solved.

We got the first converter from Precision and I was very impressed. Even the box looked better than the others we had been using. Now, if we have a problem with lockup or a shudder, it is very rarely because of the converter. It is usually caused by something else.

We use a lot of converters in a year's time and I would say that our warranty percent on torque converters is under 1 percent. I think that is great.

One of the best things about Precision is that they will listen to the techs and shop owners about any trouble areas in different transmissions and torque converters, and then try to improve their product. They have been a great company to do business with. Thank you for all your help through the years.

Pfeiffer Transmission

Owner: David Pfeiffer - Winthrop Harbor, IL

"I have been very pleased with Precision Torque Converters of New Hampton, Iowa.

I feel confident using their torque converters knowing of the workmanship that goes into their manufacturing procedures.

I have been rebuilding some of my converters for our shop for over 20 years, so I can appreciate Precision's quality and refinements they incorporate into their product."

Precision / Dewey

Owner: Pete Wolcott - Dewey, OK

"Just a few lines to describe my torque converter experience with Precision of New Hampton, Inc.

Been in the transmission repair industry since 1983 and have professionally used 4+ different torque converter rebuilding companies.

The last and current company I have dealt with from the early 90's and up is a company that uses its name 'Precision' as a mindset and not as a sales pitch.

This is my mindset as I have a transmission repair business since November 1995 called 'Precision Transmission.' This truly describes my mindset. And with the almost non-existent problems I've had with Precision converters, I don't see myself ever dealing/gambling with another torque converter rebuilder.

Definitely bet my time on these high quality people and product services because who has the time for inconsistent quality that I have seen from using other torque converter rebuilders.

Thanks, Precision of New Hampton, for helping my shop truly deliver precision transmission repairs."

Preferred Transmission and Auto Service

Owner: Frank Schumacher - Jamestown, ND

"Your company has provided excellent service and product to us for eight and a half years. We have always experienced the highest quality of personal and professional help. Technical and warranty concerns are met with superior results. If at any time a question arises, your staff is courteous and highly knowledgeable.

It is my pleasure to continue buying your product at competitive prices and receiving the outstanding service that has always been given. I refer any inquiries about torque converter purchases to your company. Replacement of product under warranty is done without question, even if not found to be defective.

Your company has warehouses convenient to us. We can receive product overnight without excessive shipping expense."

Quality Transmissions, Inc.

Owner: Gary Kreun - Rapid City, SD

"We use Precision Converters exclusively and have had excellent results. Our warranty claims are almost nil, and when we do have a problem, it is taken care of quickly and professionally. Phone ordering is quick and accurate with knowledgeable staff. Keep up the good work."

Ronnie Smith Trans

Owner: Kenny Smith - Abilene, TX

"After being in business for 26 years, I have used many different brands of converters. Since I've started using Precision torque converters I have used approximately 1800 and can count on one hand (and still not use all my fingers) at how many comebacks I've had. We are a high quality shop and demand a high quality product and that's why I purchase Precision of New Hampton torque converters."


Rons Trans

Owner: Ron Eaton - Sioux City, IA

"For ten years I have been doing business with Precision of New Hampton. I am very pleased with the quality of their converters as Precision offers a very dependable torque converter. I tried a competitors converter but was very disappointed. I switched to Precision and have not had any problems. I'm able to call in my order and receive the unit the next day."

Royal Trans

Owner: Quinn Talbott - St. Joseph, MO

"Before switching to precision converters, we had a lot of comebacks, needless to say, we rarely have any warranties to speak of.

Using Precision converters has made everyone at our shop very happy because of the performance, quality, technical support, and customer service that is the best in the industry.

Make the switch to Precision."

Scottie's Trans

Owner: Scottie South - Amarillo, TX

"First of all, I'm not a price buyer, I'm a quality buyer.

I have 42 years vested in this line of work. I feel you get what you pay for. Precision of New Hampton, Inc. may not have the cheapest torque converters on the market, but their quality exceeds all.

I have visited the factory in New Hampton, IA. I was very impressed. It is a well organized facility. Dennis & Leslie, the owners, are in tune with the equipment and are well-educated on metal fatigue and the whole concept of general manufacturing. Everything about Precision of New Hampton, Inc. exceeds all."

SDR Transmissions

Owner: Steven D. Rovik - Kenosha, WI

"I have been doing business with Precision since March 27, 1997. After being in business 25 years and using various suppliers in the past, it has been refreshing to deal with people within a company that cares if there is a problem with their product. They have always kept me informed when I did have a problem of what the problem was, why there was a problem and how they were rectifying the problem. Overall, I've had a low CB rate due to torque converters---and to those of us out here in the trenches, you know how important this is. To all the crew at Precision, keep up the good work!"


Snider Trans of League City

Owner: Andy Moths - League City, TX

"Quality is number one priority for my business. Precision Torque Converters helped me elminate my comebacks. The quality is excellent. Sales, Tech Support and Customer Service are very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with."

Tim Stewart's Garage

Owner: Tim Stewart - Clover, SC

"I am the owner and rebuilder of a 3 bay shop, with one R & R man. I use to use one of the larger remanufacturers of torque converters, and I thought it was normal to have 4 out of 10 comebacks.

I decided to try Precision of New Hampton, Inc. torque converters and I found out my transmission work was a whole lot better than I was giving myself credit for. It truly was the converters that I was using, NOT my workmanship. After switching to Precision I still warranted my work for 1 ¬Ĺ years on the jobs I had already done. I felt I sold them an inferior product, and I wanted to make it right. I probably gave away 30 transmission jobs due to torque converter failures/problems.

I have been using Precision converters since the end of 2000. I have bought over 750 units from them and can honestly say I have only had 5 returned to Precision for inspection.

If there is anyone in doubt about which converter line to use please give me a call at: 803-222-3902 and ask for Tim. I would be glad to talk to you."

Tranco Inc.

Manager: Dominic - Albuquerque, NM

"We have been extremely happy with Precision of New Hampton, Inc. torque converters for the past 9-10 years that we have done business with them. We have found their converters to be durable and of high quality. Their customer service staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable. They are very pleasant and always willing to help."

Transmission Exchange

Owner: Brian Want - Chickasha, OK

"Being in business for 20 years means I am doing things right. I have done business with two other converter companies before I started doing business with you, Precision of New Hampton, Inc. The reason I switched converter companies is I had too many comebacks with the first two companies. Last year, my total converter comeback ratio was under 1.5%. That's great for me and for my customers. It also says a lot for Precision of New Hampton, Inc. Your great customer service is also something your company should be very proud of. Thank you."

Transmission Specialist

Owner: Brian Bergman - Spearfish, SD

"I have been doing business with Precision of New Hampton since April 2001 and in that time I have been very pleased with the torque converters I use.

When I have had any questions or problems due to converter related comebacks, Precision has resolved the issues immediately, and I have had very few.

The Precision sales staff is very friendly, pleasant, and knowledgeable. They also deliver converters to me every three weeks- - - with no freight or delivery charge!!!

Precision of New Hampton is my first choice for a good quality torque converter and it should be yours, too."

Twin City

Sandra - Monroe, LA

"Precision converters give us an edge over our competition by providing us a product that is consistent, well built, and backed up by a readily available tech support and sales staff. In a business that has been family owned and operated for over 45 years, we know that it takes quality parts to build a quality product!"

Warren Transmission and Autom. Inc.

Charles & Sheree Warren - Winston Salem, NC

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Precision Converters.

We had used the same brand converters for years and had problems with them all along. One week in particular, we had 5 "comebacks" and all were due to torque converter failure. That was the day we decided to switch to Precision. That was about 3 years ago, and was the best decision we ever made. Your converters cost a little more, but ARE WELL WORTH IT!

We look forward to doing business with you for a long time. We appreciate all your help and thank you for producing such a quality product."


Owner: Ed Mangum - Everett, WA

"In the last 15+ years, we have been using Precision Torque Converters. We have had a great working relationship with your courteous and knowledgeable staff and also have been please with the high quality of your product.

We have had very few converter related comebacks and when there is a problem, Precision is very accommodating in replacing and helping to fix the problem. I have no problem recommending Precision Torque Converters to any transmission shop. We appreciate having you as our converter supplier."

Winters Transmission Service Inc.

Mitch, Clint & Jeff - Great Falls, MT

"We, at Winters Transmission Service, have been using Precision Converters since March of 1998. Not only have we been impressed by the service of the compnay, but also by the quality of the converters. Therefore, Precision Converters have remained our first choice over the years.

Thank you for your great service and great converters."

World Wide Transmission

Mark & Hank - Chicago, IL

"We at World Wide Trans. Highly recommend Precision of New Hampton, Inc. for stock & racing torque converters.

The girls are fantastic, knowledgeable & helpful.

Milt & Morry are great to deal with on any questions.

The torque converters work & last.