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Specialty Torque Converters - Precision of New Hampton

Precision of New Hampton, Inc. is known throughout the world for quality Torque Converters.

We can provide working proto-types in less than 20 days for any Torque Converter application. Multi disc clutch systems, single high carbon friction systems, high efficient K factors and stalls ranging from 650 to 11,000 RPM.

No Minimum or maximum quantities.

Precision has a full line machine shop. We have the equipment to meet the needs of our customers including, a wire EDM, CNC mill, CNC Lathe and computer balancing. Utilizing the latest technology with experienced operators allows us to build any part you may need, while providing the best quality. No Limitations on new OE or rare parts.

Precision of New Hampton torque converters feature superior hydrodynamic performance as well as adaptable lock-up clutches and variable torsional damping systems. Thanks to cutting-edge development tools and new circuit types for multi-disc lock-up clutches and high carbon, fluted, oil slotted friction material. High performance densities can be achieved for lightweight components with low inertia and this system can be smoothly & individually adapted to every application. Extremely short axialsolutions are also available for applications with strict limitations on installation space. This Lower friction torque and reduced inertia combined with a larger friction surface ensure higher torque ratings for starting and shifting.

Lightweight, superior performance and low densities, making Precision of New Hampton, Inc. a smart business choice.